Industrial PC CPUboards, x86 & ARM
Not the same boards which everyone resells, but a wide range of CPU boards, designed - eventually custom designed for you - to meet all the most demanding needs of Industrial Applications. Wide range of formats, x86 and ARM. Custom CPU boards.
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1) ARM-based CPU Boards & Modules
We design and manufacture Carrier boards for ARM-based commercial CPU modules, and complete CPU boards, rich of all the features needed for dedicated applications
2) Custom Design of Industrial CPU Boards
We custom design and produce CPU boards with Intel or AMD x86 or ARM. The NRE cost is convenient and we don't ask for large qty in mass production
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3) 3.5" & PICO CPU Boards
Small stand-alone compact boards, but rich of onboard features, size like a floppy drive (3"1/2) or "PICO" form-factor (100x72mm). Perfect as engines of HMI/PanelPC systems of small control systems
4) Mini-ITX CPU Boards
A complete range of models and versions, with different architectures and performance, for your needs of Automation, Control and Digital-Signage applications
5) Industrial CPU Boards with ATX form-factor
ATX boards with on-board all the functions necessary for industrial applications: PCI and PCIexpress slots, COM ports, Ethernet, LVDS LCD, Flash
6) PC-104 (PC-104+, PCI-104) CPU boards
Compact CPU Boards, very small, best for tough stackable systems where they are stacked one atop the other with their I/O modules. Available with basic PC-104 or with PCI interface also (PC-104+, PCI-104)
VMEbus CPUboards & Spares
CJB Can give you a Spare-Part service for all Motorolas (and other brands) VMEbus CPUboards & Accessories, which can be new or refurbished, so you can replace your old faulty VMEbus boards